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To use Wikimetrics, you must log in with one of the following services:

Privacy Policy (read more here)

By using this project, you agree that any private information you give to this project may be made publicly available and not be treated as confidential.

By using this project, you agree that the volunteer administrators of this project will have access to any data you submit. This can include your IP address, your username/password combination for accounts created in Labs services, and any other information that you send. The volunteer administrators of this project are bound by the Wikimedia Labs Terms of Use, and are not allowed to share this information or use it in any non-approved way.

Since access to this information is fundamental to the operation of Wikimedia Labs, these terms regarding use of your data expressly override the Wikimedia Foundation's Privacy Policy as it relates to the use and access of your personal information.

OAuth explanation

What does it mean to log in with a service above? The method we use is called OAuth. In plain words, it allows a provider to vouch that you are who you say you are. For example, if you click on "log in with Google" above, Google will ask you if you will allow the Wikimetrics application access to your private Google data. For our purpose, we will only access your email address and name to verify your identity. We will not share any of your data with Google or anyone else. Since Wikimetrics is an open source project, you can see exactly how we interact with Google and the other providers. As of this writing, that logic lives here.